We are an international community of energy experts who meet regularly in Bordeaux, France. Our aim is to harmonize energy and environmental policies, with a focus on innovation. Over the past 15 years, we have diffused innovation by diffusing our collective influence through global policy initiatives:

Goals of Deregulation, Concepts, & Actions

Influence-Creating an Energy Plexus

Energy in Flux - Politicized Energy

Grid Infrastructure & Investment

Energy Market Evolution - 25 Year Retrospective

Public Benefits Funds & Social Network Campaigns

Ideology-Deregulation Myths

Energy Vulnerability - Competition or Cooperation

Energy & Innovation Creating the Energy Plexus

Like a great glass of Bordeaux wine, it takes years of experience to distill complexity into clarity. Past participants have referred to the colloquium as the "anti-conference". The relaxed, long weekends open a full and fresh exchange of unconstrained ideas.

“The Bordeaux Energy Colloquium is the most original charming think tank event in the energy field. Unequivocally, it provides a serious contribution to more efficient, sustainable, and secure energy markets."

Nora Brownell Mead, Former FERC Commissioner and Board Member - National Grid.